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Eric Leider, CFP, RLP, BFA™

Founder & Life Planner

Welcome! For the first half of my career, I worked as a personal trainer & strength coach. In the second half, I shifted careers in a big way into the world of financial planning & wealth management for high net worth individuals.

I quickly realized that there were life-changing resources & guidance that would have been highly impactful for my past self as a movement professional. In addition, the reality of the financial services industry is that such a deserving group of professionals were not seen as ideal clients. I set out to change that!

Finally, the most profound finding for me was that the biggest driver of client success typically had more to do with behavioral coaching, managing emotions, and engaging in “life planning” than anything else.

Because of those reasons, I launched MVMT Life Planning. We are a team of life planners & financial coaches dedicated to helping our clients deeply understand their values, align their actions, and achieve inspiring goals.

When I’m not perfecting life plans for clients, you can find me spending time with my wife and kids, searching for the best (and strongest) coffee in town, keeping my hoops dream alive, running outside, or trying to increase my dad strength in our garage gym.