Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do you serve and / or work with? --

We primarily work with individuals, couples, and households that are either (1) working as a personal trainer or movement professional and / or (2) have a passion for movement, health, & fitness.

We’ve found that our ideal clients (noted above) take a holistic approach to movement, nutrition, well-being, and more. Most importantly, all of these individuals understand the value in creating a plan for their clients (or themselves), no matter what the goal.

Finally, just like finances and money, there is typically a deep, emotional hurdle that clients must overcome in order to accomplish their health (physical & mental) goals. It takes a personal trainer or movement professional that asks deep questions, is an empathetic listener, and goes beyond the norm to help their clients overcome such obstacles to achieve their goals.

Our financial coaching & life planning engagement for personal trainers & other movement, health, and fitness professionals takes the same holistic, deep, and empathetic approach when we work with our clients.

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Q: What is the difference between financial coaching and financial planning? +

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