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Self-Employed Personal Trainer

As a self-employed personal trainer, you have found your calling and are passionate about the work that you do. You have the best clients and love the fact that you are empowered to control your schedule, serve who you want, and create your own client experience. However, you’ve gotten to a point in your entrepreneurial journey where you are considering doing something more (or different). Maybe you want to add additional service offerings for your clients, train more clients online, open your own physical gym, formalize things in your business to one day sell it, and anything in between. In addition, you may be experiencing burnout and simply need to take a step back and reconsider what your personal life-work balance should look like. You are in search of a financial coach & life planner to be a sounding board, accountability partner, and guide as you figure out what your next best step is.

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Adam & Stacy

Case Study # 1

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33 & 30

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Self-Employed Personal Trainer & Middle School Teacher

Primary Goal

Figure out which direction Adam wants to take his personal training business, align their actions with the values of travel & adventure, and proactively prepare for life as a family of three.

The Challenge:

Adam has found himself busier than ever with his personal training business, training his clients in multiple locations throughout the city (their garage gym, clients’ homes, boutique training studios, and virtually). His income is higher than ever and he has found his calling, community, and tribe. However, he is realizing that he has less time available to spend with his wife, Stacy. In addition, because Stacy is a teacher, she has the summer months off and would like to travel more. For Adam, the summer months are lighter but he puts pressure on himself to earn money during those lighter months. Finally, Adam & Stacy are planning to have children soon and Adam is wrestling with the balancing act of potentially needing to make more money or prioritize having more time to help Stacy (and be around their future children more).

Ultimately, Adam & Stacy are in a great position but have found themselves torn around the following questions:

  • Adam’s days are long and involve training clients at multiple locations. How can he make things more efficient and align his values, actions, and goals to how he serves his clients.
  • They both value travel & adventure and Stacy has the summer months off for her work. How can they (as a family) optimize for travel, vacations, experiences, and adventures during those months?
  • With goals of having children soon, what does that mean for Adam’s personal training business – should he grow and hire other personal trainers? Should he partner with someone? Offer additional services?

As they enter into this next chapter, they are seeking guidance around helping them make the best decision (as a family and for Adam’s business) that truly aligns with their values.

The Approach:

Adam and Stacy weren’t sure where to begin, which is why they pursued help from a registered life planner. Plus, they’re busy and don’t enjoy crunching numbers. They also really want to be on the same page when it comes to their values, growing as a family, understanding Adam’s business, and making sure that they enjoy life today. They needed somebody to be a sounding board, accountability partner, and guide as they figured out what their next best step should be.

The Results:

After going through the EVOKE process with their registered life planner, both Adam and Stacy gained clarity around what was truly most important to them. By working through several exercises and activities amongst themselves and with their life planner, the answers to their questions became obvious. A comprehensive life plan was put together to move them in the right direction:

  • Adam realized that his personal training business could thrive even more if he shifted his availability to solely working with clients in their garage gym or virtually
  • This major shift in his business opened up the possibility of dedicating the summer months to all-virtual clients only, which then allowed him & Stacy to plan extended trips and experiences.
  • Realizing the shared value of family and the preciousness of time, Adam made the decision to level-up his garage gym and create a streamlined process for training clients virtually. In addition, he invested in his business to prioritize online marketing and delegated some tasks to an intern. These actions aligned strongly with the goal of increasing income in his personal training business and being more available at home for when Adam and Stacy have their first child.

They also adopted easy-to-use personal finance tools and worksheets, helping them organize their financial life and gain clarity. Adam and Stacy now enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a clear life plan. They have an inspiring vision and more energy than ever before, allowing them to easily align their life in a way that prioritizes their values. The values of health & wellness, adventure, and family are truly aligned with their present day actions and future goals.


The above case study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual MVMT Life Planning client. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if MVMT Life Planning is engaged to provide financial coaching & life planning services.

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