Our Process

Schedule a free initial appointment / introductory call
Engage in our life planning process through the EVOKE experience
  • Exploration
  • Vision
  • Obstacles
  • Knowledge
  • Execution
Move into ongoing care, monitoring, accountability, and strategic check-ins
Confidently step into your fulfilled life with energy & passion as a personal trainer or other movement, health, and fitness professional.

What Is The EVOKE Experience?

We will have 4 meetings over 2-months as we establish your Life Plan through the EVOK[E] experience

Meeting #1 – Exploration

An open-ended opportunity for real conversation and understanding, the Exploration Meeting is intended to create space for you to share what is truly most important to you. Our goal is to unpack the things that light a fire in your soul, giving you the time and space to think about, and verbalize, all of your hopes & dreams.

Meeting #2 – Vision:

During this meeting, we discuss your answers to three inspirational exercises (assigned after the Exploration Meeting) – (1) Three Questions, (2) The Heart’s Core Grid, & (3) Your Values. This is the meeting where we prioritize your values & goals, ultimately creating your own vision of a great life filled with energy, momentum, and purpose. This important meeting helps tell us the “why” behind all of your personal & financial life decisions you will make in the future.

Meeting #3 – Obstacles:

Such a pivotal and energizing meeting, the Obstacles Meeting is focused on tackling (head on) the question of, “What could possibly get in the way of you living out the great life you envision?” We reflect back on the vision created from our last meeting and step through each obstacle, one by one.

Meeting #4 – Knowledge:

We will review your initial Life Plan. This living document will address major facets of your personal & financial life, dreams, and goals. In this meeting, we connect your time, money, energy, & talents with your vision of a great life through the lens of your Life Plan. Your Life Plan helps you identify what actions to take right now in your personal & financial life.


This is the time for taking action! We prioritize the most important tasks while scheduling others out for the future. In addition, we monitor your Life Plan so that we can make changes as opportunities & challenges arise. This part of our process is focused on executing & taking action, monitoring & checking-in, serving as your life plan guide, and helping you stay accountable. With the energy, momentum, and purpose built up from your vision & ideal life, we work together to help bring your dreams to life as quickly as possible. We act as your life plan guide, checking in on your progress and helping you navigate the ups-and-downs of going after what is most important to you.