Financial Coaching & Life Planning For Personal Trainers & Other Movement, Health, & Fitness Professionals

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  • Achieve Inspiring Goals
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Why MVMT Life Planning?

Not all financial coaches & life planners are created equal.

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We Value Movement & Health

We value the work that you do and understand how core it is to your lifestyle. There’s no shame in putting your fitness, health, & well-being at the forefront of your life plan (and spending money to do so).

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Empathy & Education First

We understand that money is emotional and life is not easy. Our goal is always to first empathize, understand, & educate, acting as your guide throughout your life planning journey.

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RLP® Professional

Becoming a Registered Life Planner (RLP®) takes over 100 hours of training & mentorship through the Kinder Institute of Life Planning. An RLP® is considered a Life Planning expert and has mastered the human side of financial planning.

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Life Planning Case Studies

These case studies are hypothetical, do not involve a MVMT Life Planning client, and should not be construed as a guarantee.

Self-Employed Personal Trainer

As a self-employed personal trainer, you have found your calling and are passionate about the work that you do. You have the best clients and love the fact that you are empowered to control your schedule, serve who you want, and create your own client experience. However, you’ve gotten to a point in your entrepreneurial journey where you are considering doing something more (or different). Maybe you want to add additional service offerings for your clients, train more clients online, open your own physical gym, formalize things in your business to one day sell it, and anything in between. In addition, you may be experiencing burnout and simply need to take a step back and reconsider what your personal life-work balance should look like. You are in search of a financial coach & life planner to be a sounding board, accountability partner, and guide as you figure out what your next best step is.

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Business Owner Movement Professional

You’ve already taken the leap into entrepreneurship and have become a legit business owner as a personal trainer or movement professional. You’ve realized that owning your own business is rewarding, but it is also difficult in many ways. You are finding that you are spending less time on the things that truly give you energy, the things that you are deeply passionate about. It is time to get realigned and find a way to now spend more time doing the things that are most important to you. You are in search of a financial coach & life planner to be your guide in making sure that this happens.

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Movement Professional Employee

You currently work for somebody else or a large corporation within the movement, health, & fitness space. You love the work that you do and the clients that you help every single day. However, you are dying inside to build something of your own that allows you more freedom, flexibility, balance, creativity, & control. You constantly go back-and-forth about whether it is possible or not. You are in search of a financial coach & life planner to help you navigate this new path.

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Professional or Entrepreneur That Deeply Values Movement, Health, & Fitness

You’ve found success in your career and see your job as fulfilling, financially rewarding, etc. However, you are someone that deeply values and is passionate about movement, health, healing, fitness, & wellness. You are in search of a financial coach & life planner that helps you better align your life in a way that emphasizes these strong values.

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Financial Coaching & Life Planning Services

Financial coaching & life planning for personal trainers and other movement, health, & fitness professionals. Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Life Planning
  • Financial Coaching
  • Prioritization Of Values & Goals
  • Budget & Cash Flow Review
  • Money Personality Assessment
  • Allocate & Automate Savings, Bills, & Debt Payments
  • Personalized Action Plan
  • Debt & Credit Review
  • Accountability, Guidance, & Advocacy
  • Analysis & Recommendation Of PFM Tools and Apps
eric leider

Eric Leider, CFP Ⓡ, RLP Ⓡ, BFA ™

Founder & Life Planner

Welcome! For the first half of my career, I worked as a personal trainer & strength coach. In the second half, I shifted careers in a big way into the world of financial planning & wealth management for high net worth individuals.

I quickly realized that there were life-changing resources & guidance that would have been highly impactful for my past self as a movement professional. In addition, the reality of the financial services industry is that such a deserving group of professionals were not seen as ideal clients. I set out to change that!

Finally, the most profound finding for me was that the biggest driver of client success typically had more to do with behavioral coaching, managing emotions, and engaging in “life planning” than anything else.

Because of those reasons, I launched MVMT Life Planning. We are a team of life planners & financial coaches dedicated to helping our clients deeply understand their values, align their actions, and achieve inspiring goals.

When I’m not perfecting life plans for clients, you can find me spending time with my wife and kids, searching for the best (and strongest) coffee in town, keeping my hoops dream alive, running outside, or trying to increase my dad strength in our garage gym.

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